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Custom chokes install even in thin barrels

Choke and Barrel Services

  • Backboring to eliminate pits and for performance
  • Specialty forcing cone work
  • Custom choke tube installation
  • Factory choke tube install – American patterns only

Malfunction Diagnosis and Correction

Solves situations where others falter – especially on obsolete models:

  • Failing to fire, feed, extract, or eject, ammo specific or problems with multiple types (did you note the types, save ctg. cases?)
  • Double and hinged mechanisms popping open when fired, other types failing to stay locked, failing to cycle when fired
  • Broken or damaged parts that are difficult or impossible to find may possibly be returned to adequate service

Action Smoothing and Reliability Improvement

Available for economy models such as Mossberg and Remington

  • Doubles that are excessively stiff or difficult to open after firing, galled surfaces evident in some cases
  • Pumps and semi-auto’s that balk with specific shells or conditions, hesitate or stick in use
  • Lever actions that don’t stroke smoothly when empty or have difficulty in the feeding cycle

Choke and Barrel Work

Available for all gauges, capable of reworking thin barrels others avoid

  • Special super-long forcing cone alterations for lead and steel-shot performance enhancements
  • Choke alterations, opening / altering existing chokes or tubes, custom permanent or choke tube installation
  • Specialty work for clay sports, turkey hunting extended range, steel shot capable chokes include performance improvements

All chokes made to precisely fit the individual or specific barrel and designed for the pattern outcome expected.

Shotgun and Other Barrel Repair

Shotgun and other barrel repair or alterations, sight and bead changes, additions

  • Barrel dents, bends, bulges, internal barrel/chamber pitting, chamber and headspace limitations solved
  • Rib dings, dents, and bends, loose fit or separated posts affixed or tightened
  • Damaged crowns or deformed muzzles reconditioned, point of impact adjustments

Wood and Furniture Repair

Wood and furniture repair and alterations for specific uses, shortening for youth and altering for tall or stocky individuals, etc.

  • Cracks and splits, minor pieces replaced, screws failing to hold, replacement stock fitting and bedding
  • Recoil pads installed along with stock length adjustments, special attachments, recoil absorbers can be fitted
  • Alterations for weight reduction for easing extended field carry, other special purposes

Mechanical refurbishment and custom choke work

Super-long forcing cones and chokes, all gauges

Custom choke installations in thin barrels 

Specialty Steel Shot and turkey chokes

Action smoothing for all firearms

Graduate of the Colorado School of Trades

30+ years experience

Specialist work available for: 

Classic American and Import Doubles  

Winchester Classics, including 

Model-12, 1912, 1897, 97, 37, plus

Remington SP-10/Ithaca Mag-10


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Shop Details, and look at the fancy tools

  I have operated my own gunsmithing shop for some time, and previously worked for others after graduating from a respected full time gunsmithing school. I also have an associates degree in automotive technology. After you learn to disassemble and fix cars, a gun looks less complicated. I am regularly recommended by some local established gun shops and have done work for other shops, including three that I use for rebluing and refinishing, plus coating.

My machine shop practice includes welding, re-machining, repair, and manufacture of some special machine replacement parts for local companies. Repair of certain parts saves replacement cost, and parts I’ve made were better than normal replacement parts in workmanship and materials. I’ve even straightened prop shafts for Mercury Black Max outboards, and just did a drive axle from a Yamaha 4-wheeler.

I hope and expect any shooter to benefit at some time from my writings. My technical knowledge and experience may help you recognize problems before they become serious. Identifying potential pitfalls can save you needless frustration. My first tip for you (and you probably heard it here first) is that factory installed choke tube holes are almost never straight in line with the bore. I have seen barrels that shot a foot off target at twenty yards. High dollar, fancy name, special competition grades, I’ve seen pitiful work in all grades. I’ll have a detailed article concerning this in the future.

My purpose is to tell you the truth you need to hear, not just the limited details others may be willing to admit.

If you have a problem or unusual experience that may be useful for article inclusion, please feel free to write or call.

Tip file:

Slip-on recoil pads may be economical for reducing shoulder abuse, but continuous contact of rubber to wood has discolored many stocks and may even stick and peel finish when the pad is removed. Save your stock by removing that rubber slip-on pad after use.

Check your stocks for looseness regularly. If it can rotate or wiggle when firmly twisted or under pressure, damage or cracking may more easily occur. The attaching screws or clamping nuts may strip under pressure, and I have had to fix stripped holes in frames because a screw was loose.

Accuracy, plain and simple

Fast comparisons with reasonable accuracy


How deep do we need to reach?


P.O. Box 212, Arnold MO 63010

636-282-4379   yourgunsmith@hotmail.com